As the Surf a sport so exciting and so connected to nature, Cabarete usually attracts many people to practice it, involving surf trips and vacation travel. That is why to motivate audiences of all ages are motivated to practice, we divided the learning methodology in three levels (Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced).


Anyone surfing is a novelty. This requires the coach detailed teaching that allows the individual to know thoroughly the environment that will experience. The area we chose preferably for these surfers is the inside, where the wave is broken with good consistency but has a very high peak, this speeds up the learning process, giving them confidence and familiarity with the various factors that influence it. Trying then you start surfing as efficient as possible in order to avoid spending a lot of energy.

The course fee is 45 U.S. per session. You can also opt for a more profitable package for the evolution of surfing (3 day course 110 U.S. or 5 day course 185 U.S.) to be held in Playa Encuentro.


Many people who have experienced the surf but have the desire to improve their skills and try other waves. Well, this course favors the evolution of surfing. The area we chose on the beach to practice is known as lineup, which begins to form the peak of the wave. Here we begin to work the basic maneuvers in surfing (Bottom Turns, Rollers, Off the top, reentries, Floters, ect) this level is one of the most exciting for the surfer, and that fitness and improved techniques, motivate to make use in different waves (Beach Breaks, Reef Breaks, River Mouth, Etc).

We are prepared to satisfy customers with the best services. The cost of the course, providing practice in different beaches around the north coast, going from 50 U.S. to 100 U.S. per day, round trip transportation included.


Surfing is a sport that comes to hand with high performance, which is why some surfers have a goal to travel and compete in elite surfing events. Make training programs and focus on promoting its image so seek sponsorship opportunities. The goal is to train them as professionals in the sport.

We are prepared to teach our best technical product experience at national and international surfing competitions that our coaches have had over the years.

The course fee ranging from 60 to 150 U.S. U.S.. Includes roundtrip transportation.

Please contact us and confirm 1-809-805-2705!