Surfing Training

We effort to teach the surfing student of Cabarete some important knowledge about the ocean and the security he or she might have before getting inside the Dominican Republic beaches, besides to start a physically preparation the student with aerobic and anaerobic pre-initiation. We focus on finding and recommending appropriate surf equipment to the student, like the right size of the board, the rash guard, botties (if it needs), the importancy of using sunblock, wax on top of the board, the leash. Also finding the best spot for them in the peak for catching the waves.

We work with students of all ages, who will be evaluated prior surfing, so the treatment will be appropriate to start with the sport. Having Emphasis on improving new techniques as they get integrated into surfing.

Within the psychological aspect, we strive to make students understand that training and conditioning will be more successful when working in groups rather than individually. Student motivation and constructive criticism are fundamental to the advancement of surfing level in each.

Warm up exersises as (jogging, short pushups and taking a few minutes to check the ocean conditions) prior to surfing, is part of our philosophy.

After a surf session we strive to make an analysis through videos of each of the waves rides, while with perform flexibility exercises. After the session we will recommend techniques and physical exercises that help in increasing the level of surfing.

As we continue with our teachings, we strive to advise the student on the preservation of the environment.
Among the points to be applied in each workout are (security, rules, sea conditions, equipment, practice, mock rescue, beach protection).

Conctact us for more surf training in the North Coast of Dominican Republic 1-809-805-2705